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Constant closeness to our clients and indipendency, this matters.

Our Law Firm avails of a worldwide based and independent network.

We are actually working functionally related to high qualified not Italian law firms deeply and specifically experienced in the field of Energy and Power, Infrastructure, Project Financing and M&A, characterized by high and experienced professional competence and by the full sharing of our values and professional approach to serve the Customers.

Our network is based on long term and consolidated personal and professional relationship governed by a mutual and shared target and mood: research the excellence in serving our Customers.

Currently such relationships are actively operating in Spain, France, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Norway, Denmark, Turkey, Kazakhstan, China, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, India, Emirates, USA, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil, Tunisia, Uganda and South Africa

Studio Legale Sinatra's world network

Such network allows to Italian investors to avail themselves of our active and actual legal coordination activity and of a high qualified “local” legal expertise and support at a very competitive cost.

The proposed network service allows our Customers to avail themselves of local high specialized professional competences and, above all, of our active and actual coordination activity in supplying them complete legal assistance, also abroad, assuring both the respect of financing parameters and the excellent and transparent quality of the rendered assistance, fully in line with the excellence level we are used to.

Our network, if so requested by our Customers, regularly verifies in all the Countries in which it is operating the existence of National and International investments opportunities of particular interest.

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