Studio Legale Sinatra. A network committed to excellence.
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Commitment and attention to what a client really needs.

Our mission is to supply to all our Customers with a high professional, efficient and proactive service, tailored on their own actual needs, very competitive also as costs and fees are concerned, with deep participation and commitment to their target.

A service completely focused on the protection of Customers’ rights and interests, based on the actual comprehension of their needs and priorities and able to grant them actual added values and results, compared to an uncommitted, not tailored and “standard” legal assistance.

The very high qualified professional competences in the field of Energy and Power, Infrastructure and Project Financing of each of our professionals, their very impressive track record, the deep experience and knowledge, also from the business point of view, of the related markets, make, without any doubt, consider our Law Firm as a primary one in such fields from the legal qualitative point of view and an “entity” deeply different and “new” on the current Italian legal market.

All the above, more simply, means excellence in serving the Customer and such excellence is the target of all the professionals of our Law Firm and of the worldwide Law Firms related to us in a network : a network committed to excellence.

Our professional capabilities and skills, our deep beliefs and ethical values, our personal and human characteristics allows us successfully to implement, day by day; our mission, with full satisfaction of our Customers.


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